Benefits and Features That Franchise Owners Ask for in Mapping Software

by Mike Mack|
12. 20. 2014

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Benefits_and_Features_That_Franchise_Owners_Ask_for_in_Mapping_Software.pngWhen it comes to territory mapping, franchise owners are looking for software that is quick and easy to use. I often hear them say how important it is to store the company’s data on the cloud so that team members can collaborate, reach agreements in shorter times, and ultimately put the right information at the franchisee’s fingertips.

The main benefit of mapping is that it helps the franchisee make decisions faster and buy into what the franchisor is selling.

The main pain point of the software varies from one franchisor to another and depends on how the software is used.

“Franchise territories are the most important thing to our company,” many franchisors tell me. They are looking for a mapping feature that can handle decades worth of territories mixed with new data and updates to this data. Managing all of this information can be incredibly time consuming for a retailer.

Franchisees also have their needs in territory mapping. They want a starter package from mapping suppliers. This package should be inexpensive and not require a full subscription. Franchisees need minor demographic information, simple site management, and one or two territories. Ease of use is also a highly desired feature because non-technical users must be able to learn the software and start using it from day one.

Uploading your own data, such as locations of existing sites, is an important capability for many franchisors.

Additionally, routing is a feature that franchisors and sales generation leads would like to see as an aid in making sales to potential franchisees.

Lastly, visual appeal of the software plays a critical role. Software that looks polished and sexy attracts new customers and has higher adoption rates.

Here is a summary of the top mapping options that franchisors are looking for.


  • Be quick to use so franchisors don’t need to spend all day on it.
  • Be easy to use so anyone in the company can learn it.
  • Enable collaboration with decision makers and, perhaps, franchisees.
  • Allow multiple users to be on the same plan.
  • Provide demographics with the level of detail appropriate for the company.
  • Look clean, sexy, and cutting edge.


  • Make a sale to franchisees.
  • Highlight franchisor’s credibility and professionalism.
  • Support communication between franchisor and franchisee.
  • Build trust between franchisor and franchisee.
  • Allow franchisees to expand and grow.
  • Be visually appealing and show that the franchisor is in touch with the times.
  • Make a sale to franchisees. This benefit so important I had to list it twice.

So being able to sell, sell, sell is the main benefit. And saving time, time, time is the second main benefit. The map is just a means to an end.


Mike Mack

Mike Mack

Mike is the Co-Founder and CEO at Fract. With over 20 years of retail and business location analytics experience behind his belt, Mike counsels business owners and helps them get the most out of their business and sales data. He is also a passionate art lover and enjoys a glass (or two) of good wine with friends and family on the weekends.

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